Children’s Daily Prayer 2018


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Children’s Daily Prayer Under the Southern Cross 2018

Sr Margaret Smith sgs

  • This is a book of daily prayer for students in Years 3 – 8
  •  It combines the rhythms of the church’s year with school terms and other calendars
  • It takes inspiration from the church’s rich liturgical traditions
  • It contains:



    • Daily classroom prayer for each school day of the year
    • Rich background material for each liturgical season
    • Reference to days of significance for Australia and New Zealand and to international observances
  • Students will meet:



    • Saints, old and new
    • Prophets and peacemakers of our time
  • Children’s Daily Prayer Under the Southern Cross works by having ONE BOOK IN EACH CLASSROOM. It lasts for the whole year.
  • Children’s Daily Prayer Under the Southern Cross is like your new 2018 diary because: RIGHT THERE, on the RIGHT DATE and on the RIGHT PAGE is everything you will need for classroom prayer for every day of the 2018 school year.


MARGARET SMITH is a Sister of the Good Samaritan and an experienced teacher. Her expertise in pastoral liturgy is widely recognised throughout Australia and beyond, through her teaching, workshops, seminars and writing. She has been lecturing in liturgy for several decades at Yarra Theological Union, Box Hill, and in more recent years at Catholic Theological College, East Melbourne. Both are member colleges of the University of Divinity.