Self Publishing

If You Spent 2 Weeks Just Searching The Internet For The Quickest, Best Value Place To Publish Your Book, You Would Not Come Across An Offer As Good As What You Are About To Find….

Dear Friend,

What if you gave me your manuscript and I turn it into your very own, professionally produced, fully fledged book, in less than 3 months…?

Just imagine how different your life would be when your book is published and the bookstores are selling your books like hotcakes all across the world…. This is closer than you think. While most other publishers will take anywhere from 6 months to 12 months to publish your book from start to finish we can have it done and dusted in less than 90 days. We are able to do this because over the last 31 years of business we have developed certain processes to speed up the process and create massive momentum which pushes down the fast track of completion, while our competitors are still struggling through the editing process.

As well as getting your book published in lightning like speed, imagine if you could get the exact same quality as using the big publishers, for only a fraction of the price.

The fact is that in the publishing industry there is an expensive way to do things and a cost effective way to do things. Which one would you prefer? We have over 31 years of experience in the industry and over that time we have worked out certain ways to do things which save lost of money for you. In fact we have identified at least 7 ways that we can save you money during the project without compromising quality….and all of these little savings add up to a great saving when it comes time for you to pull out your hard earned cash and pay our invoice.

You see one of the issues when you deal with a large publishing business is that they have large overheads and lots of other clients. So naturally it costs you more and takes you longer. We have remained a small family owned business so that we keep our overheads low and can pass on these savings to you. You see, we prefer to shoot straight with our clients and deliver on our promises in all respects..

But before I even tell you about this publishing offer… let me see if you are like most of our clients. If you are you:


  • Want a full end to end service including design, proof reading, editing, printing, and binding;
  • Want clear communication through the process;
  •  Want to have complete ownership of the intellectual property;
  •  Demand quality and professionalism in everything you do and represent;
  •  Prefer to simplify the publishing process by having one team coordinate everything;
  • Place a high value on individual service and reliability
  •  Want to achieve all of this on a budget
  •  You have more influence in the final look and feel of your book

What is the publication process?

Spectrum can help you with all of the stages or any single stage of getting your book published.

1. Initial Assessment of the Manuscript
2. Edit
3. Set Up and design
4. Proof 1
5. Design alterations
6. Proof2
7. Marketing, wholesalers, reps and bookstores.
8. Printing
9. Launch
10. Sell

Why Use Spectrum Publications?

As a self-publisher you have a number of options for producing your book.

1. You can use Spectrum to manage the entire process for you;
2. You can manage part of the process yourself and use Spectrum to manage other aspects;
3. You manage each step of the production process yourself – and use Spectrum to simply outsource jobs such as editing, design, printing etc.

Paying a professional company like Spectrum Publications to manage the production of your book might sound expensive, but we will often be able to get better rates from printers and other suppliers than you will as an individual.

While it may appear that handling all aspects of the production process yourself offers a cost advantage, think carefully about taking on the task. Consider how much time you can commit to the project, and what that time ‘costs’ you, and whether you will need to spend money on equipment to do the job effectively.
(Source Publish IT, A Guide for Self Publishing. For the complete guide on self publishing go to