Marrying – the Human Qualities Needed to Marry Successfully


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This book opens up a fresh dialogue about marrying and raising a family. To make clear the newness of his approach the author has used the verb “marrying” in the title for this book rather than the abstract noun “marriage”.

Don Burnard shifts the emphasis from defending marriage to exploring how a dynamic and committed partnering can become a psychologically rich life style. Because marrying is the most individualistic and personal behaviour a human being is capable of choosing, this book focuses on the skills needed for active ongoing engagement.

Don Burnard directs our attention to the human qualities needed to connect with our fellow human being without surrendering our uniqueness. He challenges beliefs such as that there is only one right person. He argues that in marrying, people need the expertise of bridge builders. 

Marrying summarises and explains difficult matters in clear prose. While drawing on thinkers such as Viktor E Frankl, Freud, Jung, Abraham Maslow and Robert Kegan. Don Burnard relies above all on his years of experience and the insights he has gained from workshop participants.

The Author

Don Burnard is a treating psychologist with over fifty years experience in counselling people about preparing to marry, challenges in marrying and psychological challenges of dealing with feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, trauma and grief in marrying.    

Don lives in Brunswick, Australia. He and his partner Brigid have been happily marrying for over 30 years. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Psychologists in Clinical Private Practice, a co-founder of the Family Relationships Institute and the designer of the Relatewell  Workshops.


ISBN 978-0-86786-033-7
138 pages