From Sand to Solid Ground


Questions of Faith for Modern Christians
by Michael Morwood

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From Sand to Solid Ground
Questions of Faith for Modern Christians
Michael Morwood




“In a gentle, reassuring and informative way, Michael Morwood responds to the questions that challenge, disturb and sometimes frighten Catholics of our time. He knows the real questions, and the struggles that ensue. He engages the reader in a respectful and inspiring way, and provides background and context so that the questions can be explored in an intelligent and discerning way.”

—Diarmuid O’Murchu, author of Quantum Theology and Catching Up with Jesus
“An excellent resource for thinking Catholics caught up in the tectonic shifts of contemporary spiritual change. Morwood has a knack for explaining complex theological ideas in clear, readable prose.”
—Joanna Manning, author of Take Back the Truth
“From Sand to Solid Ground is an extraordinary book of courage and vision. Michael Morwood dares to speak and articulate clearly what more and more Catholics today quietly struggle with and question. His writing exemplifies the giftedness of a true teacher. The book’s simple yet elegant style succeeds where perhaps more scholarly, academic theology does not. True teaching not only exposes and explains but inspires and explores as well. Morwood’s passionate approach to the faith does all of this and more.”
—Barbara Fiand, author of From Religion Back to Faith and In the Stillness You Will Know


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