Healing the Hurt


by Suzy Yehl Marta
Founder of RAINBOWS, the world's largest grief support organization for children and young people.

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HEALING THE HURT – Restoring the Hope
by Suzy Yehl Marta

Do you know a child that has suffered loss or tragedy? The RAINBOWS programme offers children healing and hope. Even if children or teenagers you love appear to be doing fine after an experience like these, the truth is, they may be suffering in silence. They may not know they need your help.

Learn this simple, strightforward, and refreshing style to helping a child easily and effectively. This approach works to keep misperceptions, isolation, and sadness from permanently affecting the important children in your life.

This intimate and powerful book offers groundbreaking techniques and concrete strategies to help children and teenagers of any age.

For more information on the RAINBOWS GRIEF PROGRAM go to www.rainbows.org or contact us at Spectrum for a brochure.


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