St Therese – The Person…


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Therese – The Person & Her Life
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Saint Therese of Lisieux – the big saint with Little ways.




Talks given at Pallotti House Melbourne, 2002 by Suzanne Bosisto


"Imagine you are a victim of a natural disaster and must leave everything behind. There is time to throw two books into your bag to take with you. What do you choose? The Bible? Something else? Perhaps a different tragedy overwhelms your life. You ask your spiritual advisor to recommend two books to nourish you spiritually during this dark time. What would they be?

"Apart from the Bible, the life-story and example of  St. Therese of Lisieux could be said to be a hand-book on how to live the Christian life. One could never go wrong in choosing her autobiography and following her example – it is the work of a  life-time for us. If we could emulate her example, even to some small extent, we would have done well.
In the early 20th century, St.Therese was the most popular saint of the Church and better known than the Pope. She was known by only a few people in her life-time, but her life-story was published after her death and spread like wild-fire. In so doing she.became one of the greatest influences on the Church, but what was it about her that touched people so much? 
Therese was the champion of the little person and the little way, and showed so compellingly that anyone, even the most ordinary person, living the most ordinary life, can rise to the heights of sanctity. One doesn't have to be called to do some great work in the Church or in the world to be a living saint and example to others: the message of Therese is that sanctity is within the reach of everyone if one understands the way to achieve that.
In this double CD pack, Suzanne Bosisto talks about the life of Therese as a person. and sets her in the context of her time. Using her life-story, she distils the essence of Therese's teaching and shows us how she was the big saint of the little way: a way that we can all identify with, but even more importantly, a way that is possible for us all. 
Suzanne Bosisto is a medical doctor with a master's degree in theology."


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