Closer to Home


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Closer to Home
Compiled by Melissa Coleman
A5, 144 pages with Colour pictures throughout.


Nothing can prepare us for parenthood!  However, it is helpful to cultivate a flexible, curious and open ‘mind and heart’ about the lifelong learning journey ahead.  The stories in this book are real, inspiring and unique and offer expectant parents a balanced view of both the “bliss and stress” of early parenthood.  I commend my cousin, Melissa for having the strength and passion to make the book happen and enable all the contributors to share the gift of their stories with others.  Just as every child is important, so is every parent and every family. May all who read this book, gain both insight and courage to reach out for help when they need it and be inspired to explore and cherish their honored role in society as a Parent of ‘our’ precious children.  

Dr Rebecca Coleman BSc(Hons).M.Psych(Clinical).PhD(Developmental).MAPS.
Specialising in Child, Adolescent & Parent Mental Health
Founder of Mindful Awareness Parenting (MAP)



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