Aware and Attentive


AWARE AND ATTENTIVE 'Worship' in Evolving Christianity Aware and Attentive approaches the questions from the perspectives of sociology and psychology, as well as progressive/evolving/emerging faith.

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'Worship' In evolving Christianity

By John Bodycomb

ISBN: 0867861570

Available: 12/11/12


The stream of changing thought sweeping through Western churches – variously termed ‘progressive’, ‘evolving’ and ‘emerging’, or ‘the new paradigm’ – has generated much scholarly and informative material.  However, for those identifying with this movement there are many implicit questions about worship, liturgy, ‘the service’ etc.  What does this corporate activity now mean for faith people?  How should they do it? 

Aware and Attentive approaches these questions from the perspectives of sociology and  psychology, as well as  progressive/evolving/emerging faith, and suggests that it is both normal and natural for human beings to register awe, wonder and reverence and to need ways to express this.

The material is characteristically accessible to the average reader, and with questions accompanying every chapter makes for good discussion.  It addresses the use of silence and non-verbal communication including music, dance and visuals.  It  contains sample pieces for regular ‘worship’ as well as for special occasions like baptism, marriage and funeral.

John Bodycomb has been parish minister in Australia, New Zealand and the US; christian educator, university chaplain and dean of a theological school, where he taught sociology and preaching.  He has published and/or contributed to fourteen books and been a regular on religious radio.  He is an authority in church growth and decline.  Ordained Congregational, he is today a retired Uniting Church minister. His most recent work is No Fixed Address (Spectrum  2010).

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