Tomorrow’s Catholic


by Michael Morwood

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Tomorrow's Catholic
Michael Morwood

'The title suggests that the book is directed towards Roman Catholics. But I discovered early on that the arguments put forward here are relevant to Christians of all traditions.
Morwood's spirit throughout is one of gentle persuasion. He is not intent on swinging a wrecking ball through the walls of orthodoy. He describes his approach in these words: 'This is not an attack on Christian faith. It is an assertion that Christian faith has been packaged in a particular way, in particular thought patterns that have been set in concrete and that the time has come to re-examine, with open minds, the fundamentals of our faith and to try expressing them in ways that are relevant to today's worldview.' … I take delight in imploring your purchase of Tomorrow's Catholic.'
– from 'Campbell's Notebook' a US Lutheran 'quarterly for those who preach'

I was reminded of a book that shook the foundations of Christianity back in 1963. 'Honest to God', by Anglican Bishop John A. T. Robinon was a radical work, radical in the sense that it got to the roots of belief and practice, unafraid to discuss the most sacrosanct, inviolable subjects. It was, like this book, a very readable small work, requiring no great theological mind to understand what the author was getting at. Modest as it was, it contained gems of wisdom that resonated beautifully with what many hearts were thinking at the time. 'Tomorrow's Catholic' is another such gem that will not go unnoticed because it is meant for ordinary people, struggling to make sense of a religion increasingly out of touch with people's lives, beliefs, desires and expectations.'
– Eugene H. Ciarlo, book editor for 'The American Catholic'



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